5 Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Original Post: 12/02/2016

A kitchen design concept is combined with an actual kitchen to show you how design tricks can be brought to life.We've put together some easy tips and tricks to follow to make your kitchen look and feel bigger! Check them out.

1. Use light and colors strategically

Pale, neutral shades will visually open up a small space. White is always a popular choice for ceilings, though in a kitchen you may want to consider off-white shades or light pastels for the walls and countertops. Adding a bold pop of color along the wall opposite the entrance will also create the illusion of depth.

2. Use horizontal stripes and accent lines

One classic design element is wide horizontal stripes, which draw the eye to the back of the room. You can create this effect with moulding, wainscoting, or different shades of paint. A more subtle yet easy to implement effect is when you paint the bottom edge of the cabinets in a shade that matches the wall color.

3. Glass and mirrors reflect light

You can modernize a small kitchen by replacing the existing doors on your cabinets with tinted glass. These doors are available in a variety of shades to complement your wall color. You can also install mirror tiles along the countertops or back bar, creating the illusion of more light and space.

4. Maximize natural and indoor lighting

If you're in the mood for a big change, a contractor may be able to add another window. You can also take out an interior wall to create a spacious-looking open floor plan.

Lights recessed under cabinets banish dark corners that shrink the space. Don't forget to choose smaller fixtures that are proportionate to the kitchen's size.

5.The right flooring makes a big difference

If the rest of the room is pale, you can create a chic and open look with a dark, solid flooring. If you prefer wood, be sure that the pattern stretches along the length of the room. Oversized titles with a subtle pattern and matching grout are another hot trend.

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