Why Custom Cabinetry is a Good Idea

When remodeling a kitchen, choosing the cabinets can be one of the harder decisions. Cabinetry plays a role in the overall look of the kitchen but also the functionality of the kitchen. While pre-fabricated cabinets may be a quicker and cheaper solution, custom cabinetry offers many perks to homeowners.

Quality Craftsmanship
The durability of custom cabinets outshines that of stock cabinets. While prefabricated cabinets are manufactured on assembly lines, quality custom cabinets are crafted by hand. This attention to detail and top-notch construction produces cabinets that are both beautiful and built to last.

Designed for your specific needs
Custom cabinetry works for you - not the other way around. When designing your dream kitchen, you can incorporate the cabinetry needs that support your culinary demands. Do you dream of having an eat-in kitchen with storage underneath an island? Custom cabinetry can make that dream a reality. Are you an avid baker and need heavy-duty shelving for heavy appliances? Do you entertain and prefer the look of glass cabinets to show off your fine china? Custom cabinetry also allows you the option of adding in other elements such as:

Customized wine racks

  • Pull out cutting boards
  • Sliding spice racks
  • Full-height pantries that maximize space
  • Countertops at the height you need
  • Cookie sheet cabinet

Superior Material Quality

When choosing from prefabricated cabinets, you are limited to the wood type and finish that is in stock. Opting for custom cabinetry allows you to select the finest wood and the finish that complements the style of your home. Custom hardware will further customize the look of your new cabinets. Red oak, walnut, and maple are popular wood choices for custom cabinets; high-quality woods produce better quality cabinets.

When comparing prefabricated cabinets and custom cabinetry, the custom cabinetry may take longer to order and cost more, but your kitchen will be transformed by beautiful, functional, cabinets that will last generations.

Are you looking for quality custom cabinetry to make your kitchen more beautiful? Contact KDI Kitchens today for beautiful custom countertops and cabinetry.

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