How to Take Care of Your Walk-In Bathtub

A person's feet soak in a freshly cleaned walk-in bathtub.If you have ever sat in a walk-in bathtub, you know the healing and comforting benefits of this wonderful home addition. You might think that something so helpful would be a pain to take care of in-between uses. 

You are in luck! 

Your walk-in tub has a few simple yet necessary steps to keeping it running smoothly. Let’s go through your cleaning cycles for short and long care for your walk-in bathtub.

Daily Cleaning Tips 

After every soak you have in your walk-in bathtub, you will need to do a quick once-over. This quick step will keep your tub safe and clean for the next time you are ready to relax. 

  • Rinse off the tub and its fixtures with warm water
  • Clear off any oils or soap residue
  • Do another rinse of everything to flush all suds down the drain

Monthly Cleaning Tips

Daily cleaning can help clear out the oily residue. However, even with that cleaning, you can get some buildup in your tub. A deeper cleaning once a month will help get rid of that extra buildup. 

  • Fill the tub with HOT water up to the seat
  • Add about 2 tablespoons of dish soap
  • Run the jets for up to 10 minutes
  • Drain
  • Fill again with clean water
  • Run the jets for another 10 minutes
  • Drain

Deep Cleaning Tips

Do a deep cleaning about 4 times a year, or once per season. This extra step will make sure to keep your tub feeling like new. 

  • Take the same steps as above
  • But add ½ cup bleach to the soap
  • Run the jets for 15 minutes
  • Let it soak for 5 minutes
  • Run the jets for another 15 minutes
  • Drain 
  • Go for the rinse cycle

Getting the Walk-In Bathtub Experts to Help

All these cleaning tips will help keep your walk-in bathtub clean and running nicely for years to come. If you miss a cleaning, don’t sweat it. Just try to get back to it for the next cycle. Been thinking about getting a walk-in bathtub for you or a loved one? KDI Kitchen and Baths specializes in walk-in bathtub installation and maintenance

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