Kitchen Countertop Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

A woman uses countertop cleaning tips to safely protect her kitchen counters.Kitchen countertops, along with cabinets, create a unique look and feel for your cooking space that exudes your character. They join forces to strengthen a unified personality that is both functional and beautiful. One of the great things about countertops is that they can stand against time to continue being a working fixture in your home and life. Three of the top killers of kitchen countertops are the materials used, the skill of the professional builder who installs it, and the way you maintain it.

In this article, we will focus on how to maintain your kitchen countertop with our cleaning tips. Keep reading to learn how you should go about your countertop cleaning while avoiding any cleaning mistakes. 

1. Reseal Your Countertop Regularly

There are some materials, including quartz and soapstone, that do not need to be sealed due to being non-porous stones. Other stones will need the added strength of sealing to keep up with your kitchen use. These materials include granite, limestone, marble, onyx, and more. These materials tend to hold liquids and collect bacteria if not properly sealed.  

Over time, your sealant will wear off. Try to replace your sealant every two years. 

2. Clean Up Spills Now

We are all guilty of leaving some chores for later. Make sure to clean your spills off your countertops right away. Even if you have a properly sealed countertop, there are often weak spots that let in the liquid. The higher the pH of a liquid, the more corrosive it will be to your sealant and to your countertop. Blot spills instead of wiping them to avoid spreading the liquids. 

3. Keep Liquids Away

Even well-sealed countertops can get stained by leaked liquids. Cooking oils and other liquids should not be kept directly on top of your kitchen countertop. This practice will also help you keep the clutter away!

4. Don’t Use Hash Cleaning Supplies

Bleach and ammonia can be rough, corrosive cleaning supplies. These harsh liquids can peel the luster off of granite and stone countertops.  Soap and hot water are your best cleaning friends if you want to keep your countertop healthy and safe. 

5. Avoid Abrasive Scrubbers on Laminate

Intense scrubbing pads such as steel wool can ruin your laminate countertop. Scratches and scrapes can dull the finish of your countertop if you use abrasive pads to scrub away dirt and grime. Try baking soda to get rid of stains then use a soft sponge to clean the stain away. 

Work with the Professionals to Get the Best Kitchen Countertop

Choosing the right material for your family and your home can be tough. When you work with professional contractors like those at KDI Kitchen and Bath, you get the benefits of years of design and building experience on your project. We can set you up, so you are happy with the way your countertop looks and secure in knowing how to protect it. 

Give the team at KDI Kitchen and Bath a call today at (734) 284-4600 to schedule a consultation on your kitchen project.

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