Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen - Kitchen Cleaning Tips

A model has fun while giving her kitchen a spring cleaning.Kitchens get a lot of use. 

Your kitchen is either your most trafficked or your second busiest room in the house. This room being a hub of activity means it also sees more dust, dirt, grime, snow, food, bacteria, and more. Even if you keep up with regular cleaning, a deep cleaning will make a big impact on this room.

As winter draws to a close, start your warm season with deep spring cleaning in your kitchen. Read on to learn what you should do for your kitchen spring cleaning.

1. Sink Spring Cleaning

The sink gets a lot of use, and even a lot of cleaning materials go through here. For a deep clean, fill your sink with hot water and add a cup of bleach. Allow the mixture to stand for about an hour. After emptying the sink, scrub the inside with water and baking soda. Don’t forget to rinse!

2. Caring for the Countertops

Use water and dish soap on your counters. Try a mild disinfectant by filling a spray bottle with 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide for every cup of water. Use baking soda or vinegar mixed with water to get out stains. Avoid using abrasive brushes or acidic cleaning supplies. These harsher cleaning products could harm your surfaces. 

3. Cabinet Cleaning

First, clear everything out. Make a pile of what is in your cabinet and get rid of useless or dated food or broken dishes and Tupperware. Consider donating items that may be useful, but your family no longer needs. Cleaning wipes are good on most cabinet interiors and doors. Use a toothpick to scrape out anything that got stuck. Wash everything that hasn’t recently been cleaned. Then put everything left back inside the cabinets.

4. Refrigerator Clear Out

Just as with the cabinets, take everything out to begin. Group items then get rid of expired and gross food. Any almost empty condiments can be cleared out. Wash all the removable parts of your refrigerator, maybe with a toothbrush. Wipe down the inside with a mixture of baking soda and water. After drying, add a fresh box of baking soda to clear out any bad smell. 

5. A Clean Sweep for Your Floors

Start with an initial sweep of the floors. Make sure to get the corners and underneath tables and larger appliances. Mop the swept floors with vinegar and hot water. This solution will leave your floors disinfected and odor-free!

Finish Your Spring Cleaning with a Kitchen Addition

Once you have taken the above steps for your kitchen spring cleaning, you should be all set. Beware of the chemical-heavy cleaning supplies as they may damage your kitchen materials, especially your cabinets and countertop. 

Are you ready to add to your kitchen? Consider a kitchen addition with KDI Kitchen and Bath. We are a family-owned and operated small business here to help you get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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