Tips For Cleaning Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

Originally posted on 01/02/2018

A hand wipes cleaning products off a spotless granite kitchen countertop.Granite countertops are among the best additions in the kitchen. They not only help to boost a kitchen’s appeal, but are also beautiful, durable and sturdy. They are relatively easy to maintain compared to other materials. However, many people assume that granite countertops don’t need regular maintenance or are tough to care for.

To keep your granite countertops beautiful and sparkling year after year, here are some essential tips you should know.

Basic Cleaning

This is your day-to-day cleaning, which is very important in keeping granite countertops in pristine condition. It helps to get rid of any unsightly dirt, grime, dust, and food particles that may have settled on the countertops during the day’s activities. For basic cleaning, you can use a dry or wet soft cloth to dust off or clean the surface. When there are spills, you can use some dishwashing soap to clean the surface and then dry it with a soft cloth. Be sure to soak up any spills fast as they could stain the surface.

Preventative Maintenance

Granite countertops should remain sparkling and in good shape if sealed properly.  The right sealant stops granite from absorbing substances that could stain or etch the surface.  Resealing once a year is usually sufficient for your countertops.  An easy to way to check if you need to reseal is to let a few drops of water fall onto the countertop.  If the sealing is still good, the water will merely bead.  If the drops absorb, it’s time to treat the countertop with an easy-to-apply granite sealer.

Cleaning Don’ts

While cleanup is simple, there are a few cleaning procedures you should avoid:

  • Avoid using generic cleaning products like bleach and glass cleaners. These usually contain acids and chemicals that can erode the granite sealer.
  • Don’t use cleaners with vinegar, ammonia or lemon/orange in them.
  • Stay away from tile and grout cleaners as these are abrasive to the granite surface.

Get the Best Quality Kitchen Countertops from Experienced Contractors

Cleaning is an ongoing process to help your home and kitchen counters remain stable. Keeping your granite beautiful for years to come is simple and easy. For more information on granite countertops, contact the expert team at KDI Kitchen today. When you are ready for new granite kitchen countertops, consider KDI for your design and installation work. 

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