Top 5 Reasons Seniors Need a Walk-In Tub

A senior smiles next to a walk-in bathtub, something that has many benefits for her.Many comforts become necessities later in life. Fewer stairs, more guard rails, and more carpeting tends to help people age in place, or grow older in the home they have been in for years. Another option for seniors is a walk-in bathtub.

A walk-in bath for the elderly provides many benefits. Let’s take a look at the best reasons for you to get yourself or your family member a walk-in bathtub for their home.

1. Solve the Problem of Limited Mobility

Walk-in bathtubs are great when you have limited mobility. If you have trouble lifting your legs or balancing, the low threshold of the walk-in tubs are easy to cross. Avoid the stepping and just walk into your bathing area. People who use scooters or walkers in their homes have a seamless transition into their bath with this model. 

2. Hydrotherapy to Ease Your Old Bones and Joints

Professional and olympic athletes both choose deep soaking bathtubs to ease their muscles and joints after a tough workout or game. Seniors have the opportunity to get these benefits that equally apply to you. Water has curative properties that can help restore damage or strain in your body. Combining the water with heat provides additional restorative aspects that release endorphins that can increase your circulation and ease your arthritis. 

3. Avoid Dangerous Slips or Falls

Slips and falls are a serious concern for seniors. The bathroom and the tub has the highest risk for slips and falls for older people. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports millions of slips or falls each year for older adults. These falls can end up costing thousands of dollars in hospital fees and weeks in not months of rehabilitation and pain. A walk-in tub can help prevent these slips and falls.

4. Improved Hygiene 

As activities and chores become more difficult, people tend to avoid them.  Bathing is tough for many seniors, so they tend to go too long without bathing. Cleaning wounds or your skin that is dry or irritated is an important part of bathing. Walk-in tubs can make the process of bathing easier and more comfortable, making it easier for you to do on a regular basis.

5. Peace of Mind for Your Family

With slips and falls being such a common danger for seniors, your safety is important to your family. A walk-in tub allows you to live independently, while taking care of your needs. The dignity of taking care of your hygienic needs on your own makes a huge impact on your life. Your loved ones will want to give you the experience of living a full life safely. 

Getting the Right Walk-In Tub Installed by Professionals

Walk-in bathtubs are great for seniors who want to live independently while remaining safe. Enjoy the restorative factors of a spa experience right in your home. The professionals at KDI Kitchen and Bath will work with you or your loved one to decide the best model and plan for your walk-in tub before installing it for you with our expert team. 

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